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St. Bonaventure Religious Formation Program - 174 Ramsey Street Paterson, NJ 07501 -  973-279-1016


Re-Registration Form


This form is only for children who have been previously registered in St. Bonaventure Religious Education Programs. If your child has not been registered within the past two years, please fill out the form designated for new registrations.



Please check the appropriate box:


             Grade One to Grade Eight

                                    Specify grade in September 2008-09 _______

             Confirmation (a two year process begun in high school)


Name __________________________________________________________________________________

                                    Last Name                                               First name                                               Middle Name


Address _________________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________________  ST ____________ Zip __________________________

Phone ___________________________________   Emergency Phone _______________________________

Date of Birth ______________________________   School _________________________________________

Allergies/Medical Information we should know ___________________________________________________




Because so many households are one-parent households, please specify the name of the parent or guardian that mailings should be sent to: ______________________________________________________________




Please return this form and fee to:


St. Bonaventure Church

Religious Education Office

174 Ramsey Street

Paterson, NJ 07501-3215



                                                                                                                                    For Office Use Only                           

REGISTRATION FEE:                                                                                                Amount Paid: ____________

One child - $40.00                                                                                                      Amount Owed: ___________

Two children - $65.00                                                                                                 Date: __________________

Three or more - $75.00                                                                                               Registered in Parish ______